UNC School of Media and Journalism

Pilot Mountain has a deer problem. Drones can help.

Drones help researchers and park officials get an accurate count of the deer population on Pilot Mountain. From the UNC School of Media & Journalism, Producer – Trent Brown, Associate Producers—Olivia Corriere & Lauren Glaze, Scriptwriter & Narrator – Haley France, Camera/Video Editor: Bob Gunter, Additional Cameras – Trent Brown & Haley France, Executive Producer – Dr. Tom Linden

Fire brings new life to South Mountains State Park

More than two years after a large fire, plants at South Mountains State Park are thriving. From the UNC School of Media & Journalism: Producer – Rob Gourley, Associate Producer – Kara Kochek, Scriptwriter & Narrator – Minali Nigam, Cameras/Video Editors: Rob Gourley & Bob Gunter, Executive Producer: Dr. Tom Linden, Photographs courtesy of Amanda D. Lasley, Additional video courtesy of Rahima Rahi.