How survivors adapt in a post-apocalyptic world

NC State researchers look to history to see what survivors of major extinctions look like. 

How survivors adapt in a post-apocalyptic world

October 27, 2017

The burning question I have every time I watch a movie featuring a major disaster or apocalypse, is what does the world look like with few remaining survivors?

The Butcher and the Knight

Scientists Discover Two New Prehistoric Reptiles in North Carolina
May 19, 2015


Getting around Durham was different 230 million years ago. 

On the plus side, you would have had zero chance of getting stuck in traffic on I-85, and finding parking at Duke or at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park would have been a breeze. You would, however, have constantly been on the lookout for the 9-foot-long crocodiles running around on their hind legs trying to eat you.