The Veggie Burger that 'Bleeds' Arrives in North Carolina

Plant-based patty at Bull City Burger and Brewery

Only a handful of restaurants in the state carry the “Impossible Burger” and Durham’s Bull City Burger and Brewery is one of them. On a rainy Thursday evening, I called ahead to make sure they hadn’t sold out of the meatless patty. They hadn’t. It was delicious. And expensive. 

Seven Ideas for a Sciencey Holiday

I am the first to admit that I have never gotten the holidays quite right. Whether I’m late shopping for gifts, mess up my contribution to dinner, do something embarrassing at a holiday party or hang all the decorations crooked, something always seems to go wrong.

Thankfully, there are a few sciencey tricks people like me can bust out around the holidays as a last ditch effort to spread a little holiday cheer... And promptly gather it up again when explaining exactly how it works.