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Drones give better view of the 'Ghost Fleet'

Marine Corps Base Quantico is one of the most famous military bases in the world. The base covers 58,000 acres in Prince William County, Virginia. The U.S. Marine Corps’ Combat Development Command, which designs and develops strategies for U.S. Marine units, is based at Quantico. The FBI Academy, the main research and training facility for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is also located at the base. So is the main training facility for the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

Fish Tagging: Lesson Plan

Ecosystems have limits to the numbers of organisms and population sizes they can support. These limits are set by predation, competition, disease and the physical habitat (reefs, artificial reefs, mud flats, sea grass and marsh). Learn how fish biologists are using two types of tagging to understand how the physical environment constrains the population dynamics of Red Drum, North Carolina’s state fish.