Losing weight isn't about having a fast metabolism

Yes, I’m writing this blog because I am trying to lose some weight. It's not easy, as you have probably heard many people complain. And it’s likely that you have also heard people place the blame for this difficulty on a slow metabolism. I’m not exactly sure what that might mean, but, hey, the excuse made sense. That is, until I asked the researchers at Metabolon. 

Bottom line: I lost my excuse. 

Binge Drinking Tells the Brain to Binge Eat

Binge Drinking Tells the Brain to Binge Eat
May 17, 2017

When I first started college, one aspect of campus nightlife completely mystified me. Every Saturday night, a run-down, silver food truck called Uncle Dickie’s set up shop on the edge of the campus frat quad, party central, and at around 12:30 a.m., shambling students would drift towards the truck in search of greasy fries drenched in fake cheese.