If Leftover Candy could power a Cellphone

If Leftover Candy could power a Cellphone
November 7, 2016

Halloween has come and gone, and if your Halloween candy bowl looks like mine, all of the Kit Kats, Twix and Butterfingers are long gone, leaving nothing but the junky candy that you might spend the next month lacklusterly picking over.

So this year, I thought I might see what other things we could theoretically do with the energy stored in those spare sweets.

How Much Wind Does a Wind Turbine Need?

There are more than 2,300 wind turbines spinning away and creating energy off the coasts of 11 European countries. A large number of those turbines are located in the North and Irish seas. One reason for that is because the winds blowing across those bodies of water are not only strong but also sustained.

It’s the same reason wind energy companies are eyeing the North Carolina coast as a possible location for wind farms. But that begs the question: just how much wind does a wind farm, or at least a wind turbine, need?

Life on the Rocks

North Carolina's rocky offshore reefs provide nurseries for juvenile fish, foraging grounds, hiding places, and spawning grounds. Research into offshore wind energy has prompted a new look at the health and diversity of life on the rocky reefs off the NC coast, where wind turbines could be located.

O2 Solar Power

O2 Energies focuses on developing and owning large scale ground-mounted solar power plants in the Southeast United States. O2 Energies customizes each solar project based on factors such as work opportunities for local contractors and training and educational opportunities for local residents.