Pilot Mountain has a deer problem. Drones can help.

Drones help researchers and park officials get an accurate count of the deer population on Pilot Mountain. From the UNC School of Media & Journalism, Producer – Trent Brown, Associate Producers—Olivia Corriere & Lauren Glaze, Scriptwriter & Narrator – Haley France, Camera/Video Editor: Bob Gunter, Additional Cameras – Trent Brown & Haley France, Executive Producer – Dr. Tom Linden

Nutty Nuggets

Before I say anything about the importance of acorns in the forest, it’s important to start with the fact that the world’s biggest acorn is in Moore Square Park in downtown Raleigh. It’s fitting to find it there. After all, Raleigh calls itself “The City of Oaks.” And if it were real, there's no doubt this nut would produce a giant oak. The big nut is 10 feet tall and weighs about 1,250 lbs.