About UNC-TV Science

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Sci NC is a multiplatform production that combines high-quality broadcast programs, engaging digital shorts, informative blogs and interactive, fully aligned lesson plans adaptable for use in the classroom or home schools. In other words, Sci NC has something for any North Carolinian with a passion for, interest in or even mild curiosity about science.

Frank Graff, Sci NC producer and UNC-TV’s statewide science guy, brings his camera into universities, laboratories and private industries—any place with something scientific going on—and emerges with broadcast material that not only tackles state-of-the-art science, but connects it to North Carolina itself. The result: television and digital segments that highlight the continuously changing, growing and evolving scientific ventures in every region of the state.

Associate Producer Rossie Izlar develops platform-specific digital content, including “explainers”—entertaining shorts that provide a great deal of information—and manages a miscellaneous array of behind-the-scenes tasks.

Curriculum expert Paula Edelson is on a continuous mission to produce increasingly interactive lesson plans for middle school students that align to NC Essential Science and NGSS standards in engaging and accessible ways. Sci NC’s classroom materials blend online modules with entertaining, educational animations and hands-on projects that turn students into producers, teachers into directors and classrooms into laboratories.

The project is made possible through a generous grant from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Come back often to discover new posts and explore this new interconnected, dynamic approach to educational storytelling.