Keeping up with Wildlife

If you want to check in with dozens of field-based wildlife researchers at work around the world, the North Carolina Zoo and the North Carolina Zoological Society have developed a way to do it.

It’s called Field Trip Earth. Here’s the link:

The Field Trip Earth website is a way for researchers to share the information gathered during research projects. You can find field diaries, photographs, videos and additional scientific data.

Field Trip Earth was originally designed to help teachers and students in K-12 classrooms integrate conservation issues into the entire school curriculum, including languages, math, fine arts and natural and social sciences. 

However, anyone interested in wildlife conservation will find the site useful in keeping up with the latest research and discoveries. It provides information about species endangerment and habitat protection. You’ll also find information about how your daily activity affects the world around you. 

So far, more than 100 researchers have provided content to the Field Trip Earth website. And that number continues to climb as more get involved in the effort to help and protect wildlife.

— Frank Graff

Frank Graff is a producer/reporter with UNC-TV, focusing on North Carolina Science Now, a weekly science series that airs Wednesdays, beginning in August 2013, as part of North Carolina Now on UNC-TV. In addition to producing these special segments, Frank will provide additional information related to his stories through this North Carolina Science Now Reporter's Blog!  

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