Dinosaur GPS

A paleontologist uses fossils to prove the location of ancient landscapes. He also experiments with using Landsat spectral signatures to analyze underlying geology so that he can predict where he will find fossils.

Grade 3 NGSS Performance Expectation: Analyze and interpret data from fossils to provide evidence of the organisms and the environments in they lived long ago.

Grade 4 NC Essential Science Standard: Infer ideas about Earth’s early environments from fossils of plants and animals that lived long ago.

Discussion Questions

  1. What types of data do paleontologists study?
  2. How can you tell that the land in the arid Wyoming landscape used to be home to lakes and swamps?
  3. What can teeth tell you about an animal that a backbone can’t?
  4. What type of technology does Dr. Anemone hope to use to develop a better way to find fossils?
  5. How did long did it take Dr. Anemone to find a mammal using his new satellite fossil finding kit.
  6. What is Landsat and what kind of information does it capture about the Earth’s surface?

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