“Miracle Calf” Born on North Carolina’s Coast

Hurricane Dorian survivor cow gives birth

March 27, 2020 

They're calling her the "miracle calf"

Here’s some good news in the midst of everything happening with Covid-19. Remember the dozens of cows and wild horses that Hurricane Dorian swept off Cedar Island in September, 2019 ? Some of the cattle swam safely to shore almost four miles (6.4 kilometers) away and were found on the Outer Banks National Seashore.

It turns out two of those swimming cows were pregnant. One of the cows was Dori, and she has given birth to what people are calling a “sea calf” and also a “miracle calf.”

As you can imagine, the little one is unique. A photo of the newborn was posted on the Facebook page of Ranch Solutions, a group hired to return the three cows that swam to shore back home to Cedar Island. Dori’s calf has one brown and one blue eye. The animal care folks at Ranch Solutions say having differently colored eyes is a rare condition shared by various animals, including some wild horses.

“Getting close to the mother and calf for a photo has been difficult, because they run at the sight of humans,” Cedar Island resident Woody Hancock told McClatchy News.

“The wild cattle that lived on Cedar Island were not used to seeing humans or having them approach them.” Hurricane Dorian generated an 8-foot (2-meter) “mini tsunami," that washed the calf’s mother and dozens of other animals away, including 28 wild horses that died.

—Frank Graff

Frank Graff is a producer/reporter with UNC-TV, focusing on Sci NC, a broadcast and online science series.