Carolina Query: You Ask, We Answer

What have you always wondered about North Carolina? Its landmarks, environment, innovations, health, or industries? Let us know!

Carolina Query is a series we’re launching based on your questions.

The UNC-TV Science team wants to answer your questions about North Carolina’s landmarks, environment, innovations, health, or industries.

So...what have you always wondered about?

Your questions can be complicated — "What are communities doing about the opioid crisis?" Or they can be simple — "Why does DOT use a salt and sand mixture to make the roads safe during a winter storm?" 

 No matter how broad or specific, we want your questions so we can satisfy your curiosity.

Here’s how it works. You submit a question below and then we work on answering your question with a story. Sometimes we'll pick questions we'd love to take on. Other times we'll ask YOU to vote for your favorites.