Tracing the Coastline

Before you can know what coastline is lost to hurricanes and sea level rise, you need to know what land is there. Researchers have finished the most complete mapping of the NC coast including oceanside, bayside, and all of the estuaries. Now they can track what happens next.

NGSS Performance Expectation: Analyze geoscience data to make the claim that one change to the Earth’s surface can create feedbacks that cause changes to other Earth systems.

NC Essential Science Standard (Grade 8): Understand the hydrosphere and the impact of humans on local systems and effects of the hydrosphere on humans.

Discussion Questions

  1. Use historical maps to record the shifting location of inlets in the outer banks of NC.
  2. How did coastline changes impact the history of Portsmouth Island, NC?
  3. What are the seasonal cycles of sand and water level along the NC coastline?

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