Trash-Eating Gulls Cause Algae Blooms with Their Poop

Trash-Eating Birds Cause Algae Blooms with Their Poop
July 19, 2017

It is easy to recognize how closely tied the environment, the economy and wildlife are to our habits and to each other because we hear stories to that effect every day.

The amazing fact of that interconnectedness can sometimes lose its punch as we are repeatedly bombarded. It loses its punch that is, until a story like this pops up.

Earth Day

I’m going to really date myself here.

I remember the first Earth Day. It was April 22, 1970. Let’s just say I was in Ladyfield Elementary School and our teacher, Sister Lucia, explained to us how Earth Day was a day that was being set aside to remind us to love the earth and help take care of it.

We all thought that loving the Earth seemed like the right thing to do, and it seemed pretty easy. Although I don’t think I, or any of my classmates, could really articulate what “taking care of the Earth” meant. Didn’t we do that already?

Soil Science

Soil ScienceAt first glance, it would be easy to say compost is compost. Whether the compost is being shoveled from a bag and raked into a garden or dumped by truck and tilled into a farm, the dark, rich soil looks like dark, rich soil. After all, when you walk through the composting company Brooks Contractor, there are mounds of what looks like black dirt everywhere.