How much of the Earth is Protected?

Scientists like biologist E.O. Wilson are calling for half of the Earth’s surface and seas to be set aside as protected landscape to preserve humanity. With this goal in mind, one might wonder exactly how much is already protected. 

To answer this, it’s important to know how much of the Earth has been touched by humans. 

Animals on the Grid

Animals in Africa face challenges from dwindling habitats and climate, but most dangerous of all can be farmers or poachers who can kill threatened species for protection and profit. Watch how researchers at the North Carolina Zoo are using radio and satellite tracking to follow and protect animals in Africa and in our own backyard.

The Library of Plants

Plants have developed new molecules to protect against diseases, sunburn, and other stresses, and humans can use those molecules in new medicines. However, those plants are in danger of being lost to development and changing climates. The NC Arboretum is racing to document and preserve those plants in a special repository before they are lost forever.