Teachers help archaeologists uncover the past

The site of a Confederate arsenal in Fayetteville, NC will soon become a Civil War museum and learning center. But before that happens, archaeologists combed through the remains of the arsenal to look for clues about what life was like working in the arsenal. The team of archaeologists enlisted the help of teachers and students in the process.

The Virtual Battle of the Atlantic

You can’t find a more picturesque drive than Highway 12, the road that runs the length of the Outer Banks. Crowded during the summer tourist season, occasionally washed out by hurricanes and Nor’easters, the roadway tells the story of the region’s maritime heritage. From historic towns and lighthouses, to shipwrecks and the birthplace of aviation, Highway 12 has a rich history.

You can stop at highway markers along the way, but now technology has a new way to experience the drive.