Sourdough bread is a microbial mystery

Baking is hard. Baking sourdough bread is even harder, because you have to rely on wild yeasts and bacteria to make your bread rise. But we don't know much about how these tiny organisms work. So researchers at NC State collected hundreds of sourdough starters from all over the world to try to understand the secret lives of microbes.

What's My Story: Biosystem Engineering

It was obvious to anyone that John Sheppard wanted to be an engineer when he built himself an original Mini Cooper at age 15 from junkyard pieces. But he loved biology too—the ways biological systems work together. Add those proclivities to a long and successful career and you end up with a professor of brewing at North Carolina State University.

Bioprocess Engineering: a conglomerate of mathematics, biology and industrial design, and includes the design and study of fermentors.