Boosting Cancer Treatment

Tetanus Booster May Boost Brain Tumor Treatment

March 25, 2015 
A cancer vaccine would be as beneficial as it is problematic to develop. Vaccines work by training the immune system to recognize and destroy a foreign invader. The trouble with tumors is they are made of human cells gone haywire, and the immune system often has a difficult time telling the difference between a cancer cell and a healthy cell.

Driving the Fight or Flight Response

There’s no doubt that human behavior has evolved over time. What worked for humans as hunter-gatherers or nomads tens of thousands of years ago may not be quite as helpful trying to navigate city life today. But while behaviors may be adapted to changing times, scientists say the psychological, biological and physiological roots of those behaviors never completely go away.

It is the close connection between movement and hearing that Duke researchers are studying. That connection helps drive the behavior response system known as “fight or flight.” 

Stop and Listen

Why is it necessary to stop talking and moving to listen to someone else talk? It’s not just being polite. Cutting edge research in electrophysiology, optogenetics and behavior analysis shows the brain connections that control how movement affects hearing.