Enjoy the Ride

I don’t remember when I learned to ride (or should I say drive) a bicycle. Let’s just say it has been quite a few years since I survived those shaky training wheels and learned the art of balancing and pedaling at the same time.

For my entire life, the two-wheeled vehicle of choice has always been a traditional upright bicycle, in which the body weight rests on the hands, feet, and the sitting bones. Okay, let’s not worry about being politically correct. The body weight rests on the hands, feet, and butt.

Riding the Wind

From cyclists to race cars, the motion of an object is determined by the sum of the forces acting on it. Those forces have both strength and direction and they can be observed and measured to predict future motion. Watch how an aeronautics engineer works with Newton's three Laws of Motion to test the best posture and helmet for a cyclist in a wind tunnel.