These lifestyle choices could help prevent Alzheimer's

It's a joke at times: People tend to become forgetful as they get older. 

But there is nothing funny about Alzheimer’s disease, an age-related brain condition that gradually destroys a person’s memory and thinking skills. It eventually prevents a person from being able to do simple tasks. Alzheimer’s disease progresses slowly, and the patient’s mental decline usually occurs in three classified stages: an early, preclinical stage with no symptoms, a middle stage with mild cognitive impairment and a final stage of Alzhimer’s dementia. 

Binge Drinking Tells the Brain to Binge Eat

Binge Drinking Tells the Brain to Binge Eat
May 17, 2017

When I first started college, one aspect of campus nightlife completely mystified me. Every Saturday night, a run-down, silver food truck called Uncle Dickie’s set up shop on the edge of the campus frat quad, party central, and at around 12:30 a.m., shambling students would drift towards the truck in search of greasy fries drenched in fake cheese.