QUEST is a consortium of public media providers across the country coming together in a unique collaboration to foster widespread STEM literacy for general audiences. Together with public media stations in San Francisco, Seattle, Madison, Cleveland and Omaha, UNC-TV will generate and distribute content associated with the science of sustainability, our theme for the 2013-14 season.

As QUEST tackles this subject matter, our goals will be to try to reframe sustainability discussions; a concept that has become politicized, polarizing and associated with corporate agendas and green fads. In order to achieve this, QUEST will focus on the many ways that science is being used to understand and address environmental imbalances, improve our ability to adapt to change/become more resilient, and explore ways of using the earth’s resources more wisely. Our goal will also be to highlight how the science of sustainability is relevant to people on a more personal level; impacting their daily lives, jobs, and health.

You can visit QUEST North Carolina to see contributions from UNC-TV, and visit QUEST-Exploring the Science of Sustainability to see the latest contributions from all six participating public media partners!

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