What a Face: Lesson Plan

Facial-recognition technology can reveal both positive and negative impacts of behaviors on your future health.

UNC-TV Media

Alignment to NC Essential Standards

  • 9.PCH.1.7 — Health

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will describe facial-recognition technology.
  2. Students will describe the potential of facial analytics as a health-care tool.

Essential Questions

  1. List two health behaviors that can affect your facial features.
  2. Describe why long-term smoking can lead to wrinkles.



Students will view the video What a Face.



Further Reading:

  • How Does Facial Technology Work?
  • Face Recognition Software Diagnoses Rare Disorder — Nature World News 
  • Facial-Recognition Technology Could Soon Predict Your Lifespan — Big Think
  • The New Face of Aging — Port City Daily



  1. What is facial recognition, and how does it work?
  2. What are two health behaviors discussed in the video that can affect facial features?
  3. What specific impact does long-term smoking have that can lead to wrinkles in certain facial areas?
  4. Critical Thinking: In the video, Dr. Ricanek says he “can see nothing but how we can help humanity with (facial-recognition) technology.” Do you agree? Why or why not?