It Just Takes A Byte

North Carolina is the gaming industry’s East Coast hub. Changing technology, innovation, interactive gaming and e-learning all combine to transform a line of data on the screen into serious gaming.

NGSS Performance Expectation: Use a computer simulation to model the impact of proposed solutions to a complex real-world problem with numerous criteria and constraints on interactions within and between systems relevant to the problem.

Discussion Questions

  1. Who uses math in gaming? The developer, the user or both?
  2. How are the developers using “systems thinking?”
  3. What is gamification?
  4. What makes a game a good teaching method?
  5. What are soft skills?

Additional Links

  • Playing to Learn — Stanford Unversity
  • Gamification Infographic — Knewton, Inc.
  • Soft Skills to Pay the Bills — U.S. Department of Labor



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