K-12 Engineering Connections Aligned with the STEM Rubric Principles

NC Essential Science Standards - NGSS Science and Engineering Practices

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas - NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts - STEM Rubric


Professional Development

  • Explainer: Digging For History

Collaboration (Teamwork)

  • Explainer: The Horse-Human Relationship
  • Explainer: The 99% Solution
  • Shark Tagging


  • Explainer: The Snake Doctor


  • Explainer: Gray Seal Tracking
  • Sensational Singing Mice


  • Explainer: Object Conservation
  • Explainer: Looking For Lincoln
  • Explainer: Art Under a New Wavelength
  • The Peanut Solution
  • Polling Positions
  • Acorns Count
  • Vaccine Hunters
  • Marvelous Music Machine

Attention to Ethical Considerations

  • Explainer: Fish Tagging
  • Grave School Lessons
  • Small Creatures/Large Lessons
  • The Great Migration
  • Leaping Lemurs
  • Where In The World Is Ms. Palma?
  • Just A Spoonful of Soybeans
  • New Fields For Food
  • Precision Medicine
  • A New Perspective
  • Reinventing the Toilet

System Thinking

  • Explainer: Where the Wild Things Are
  • Explainer: Strawberry Mania
  • A Long Look at Longevity


Ask. Define the Problem, Criteria, Constraints, and Research.

  • Oh Shuck!

Imagine. Develop Ideas.

  • Explainer: Raincatchers
  • Micro Organs
  • Mystery Dino
  • Eyes In The Skies
  • Medical Metals
  • Futuristic Fibers

Plan. Choose an approach.
Create, Model, Prototype, Test, and Communicate.

  • Explainer: Forecasting Storm Surge with Big Data

Improve, Redesign

  • Explainer: Self-Healing Muscles
  • Power to the Pedal


  • Explainer: Invasion of the Lionfish
  • Tracing the Coastline
  • Cicada Secrets
  • A Model Foot

A system is composed of parts that must be related

  • New Hope For Hemlocks
  • The Air We Breathe
  • The Bone Lab
  • What A Pain!
  • Wondering About The Weather
  • It Just Takes A Byte
  • Just Moving Along

A system has boundaries
A system can be nested inside another system

  • We All Live Downstream
  • Science From The Bottom Of The World
  • Oh Christmas Tree

A system can overlap with another system
A system can change with time
A system receives inputs and sends outputs
A system is designed to transform inputs into outputs

  • Aquaponics: Farming For The Future


  • Rethinking the Unthinkable


  • Explainer: Riding the Wind
  • The Liver Takes It All
  • Brewing The Perfect Cup
  • Real Dirt About Clay
  • Here Comes the Sea
  • Seeking Sea Power


  • Greening the Golf Course
  • New Use For Coal Ash
  • Super Fruit Science
  • Life On The Rocks

Interdisciplinary Solutions

  • Rapid Water Testing
  • Secrets of Tidal Creeks
  • Dinosaur GPS
  • The Bee-utiful Bee
  • Reef Life
  • Textile Trials
  • Ocean Energy
  • Stop and Listen
  • Predict the Rip