The lionfish is an invasive species that threatens the state's commercial fishing industry because they eat the foods that grouper and snapper eat, along with juvenile grouper and snapper. Lionfish have no known predators and have a rapid reproduction rate, which is why they are taking over the reef ecosystem.

Rain Catchers

Stormwater runoff is a major source of pollution in our streams and lakes. Those lakes are also a source of drinking water. State law requires cities and towns to cleanup the runoff, because it doesn't get treated in sewage plants - it goes right in the lakes and rivers. Durham is launching an innovative 5 year program called 'Raincatchers' in hopes of slowing down, reducing, and naturally cleaning up stormwater.

Explainer: Object Conservation

NC Museum of History Object Conservator Jennifer French is responsible for stopping the natural process that will eventually overtake everything—decay. In order to stabilize the variety of textiles, metals, plastics, and natural materials the historical artifacts are made of, she has to consider cost, safety, reliability and aesthetics simultaneously. A good background in chemistry is essential to her job.