Exercise Burns Bone Marrow Fat, Supports Strong Bones

Exercise Burns Bone Marrow Fat, Supports Strong Bones
July 31, 2017

Think back to every diet, home exercise or gym membership commercial you have ever seen. They all tend to focus on one thing: burning fat. And as they do, they show pictures of legs, waists, midsections and all the other places people know and see that we build fat when we take in more calories than we burn.

Trash-Eating Gulls Cause Algae Blooms with Their Poop

Trash-Eating Birds Cause Algae Blooms with Their Poop
July 19, 2017

It is easy to recognize how closely tied the environment, the economy and wildlife are to our habits and to each other because we hear stories to that effect every day.

The amazing fact of that interconnectedness can sometimes lose its punch as we are repeatedly bombarded. It loses its punch that is, until a story like this pops up.

These lifestyle choices could help prevent Alzheimer's

It's a joke at times: People tend to become forgetful as they get older. 

But there is nothing funny about Alzheimer’s disease, an age-related brain condition that gradually destroys a person’s memory and thinking skills. It eventually prevents a person from being able to do simple tasks. Alzheimer’s disease progresses slowly, and the patient’s mental decline usually occurs in three classified stages: an early, preclinical stage with no symptoms, a middle stage with mild cognitive impairment and a final stage of Alzhimer’s dementia.