A Durham Organization Uncovers New Clues to the Lost Colony

Sometimes the simplest question leads to major discoveries. 

This is certainly true in the search for the Lost Colony.  

But first, a little background.   

Back in 1585, British explorer John White traveled to Roanoke Island and produced an excruciatingly accurate map of the North Carolina and Virginia coast and other drawings of the island. Two years later, White led a colony of 116 English settlers to the area. 

The Shape of an IV Tube Matters More Than You Might Think

The shape of an IV tube matters more than you might think
January 12, 2017

When delivering IV medicine or precisely timing a chemical reaction, controlling the speed at which a chemical enters the system is of paramount importance. Now new research from UNC Chapel Hill shows that controlling those chemicals is more about the shape of the injecting tube than the chemicals themselves.