Mon, 06/26/2017 - 4:35pm


Rage Against the Simple Machine

Rage Against the Simple Machine

We’re human beings, not superheroes, and sometimes we need assistance moving items; pushing things together, or pulling stuff apart.. Simple machines help out with those tasks, and we use them to do lots of things. In the interactive below, see how you can use simple machines to prepare a stage for a rock concert.


Rock and Roll Energy

All music is a study in physics; from the vibration in a singer's vocal cords, to the resonance of vibrating air in a violin, to the electrical signals from a computer that become a hip-hop beat. The electric guitar takes the cake, converting one type of energy into another, amplifying an electrical signal, and converting the energy back to sound. Learn how a simple strum turns into a booming electric guitar sound in the module below.

How a Laser Works

Atomic energy exists in fixed amounts called "quanta." As an atom's electrons move up and down in energy, they absorb these quanta of energy from the environment or emit it back out into the environment. Lasers work by directing these random absorptions and emissions of quanta into an orderly beam. Click the buttons below to learn exactly how lasers do it!

Stop and Listen

Why is it necessary to stop talking and moving to listen to someone else talk? It’s not just being polite. Cutting edge research in electrophysiology, optogenetics and behavior analysis shows the brain connections that control how movement affects hearing.