Invasive Plants Field Guide

Invasive plants are common throughout North Carolina and the United States. They present a danger in how their growth affects native plants and wildlife. Five of the most prevalent invasive plant species in North Carolina are listed below. Click on their names to learn more about what they are and where they came from.


The Oak Stands Tall

The eastern United States' mightiest tree, the oak, is in decline, possibly due to over-harvesting or climate change. Whatever the cause, scientists are trying to find ways to reverse this decline. Watch U.S. Forest Service researchers use fire to give young oaks room to grow in the North Carolina mountains.

Animals on the Grid

Animals in Africa face challenges from dwindling habitats and climate, but most dangerous of all can be farmers or poachers who can kill threatened species for protection and profit. Watch how researchers at the North Carolina Zoo are using radio and satellite tracking to follow and protect animals in Africa and in our own backyard.