What's My Story: Marine Ecologist

James Morris is a marine ecologist for NOAA focused on protecting the ocean's fisheries from invasive species. He grew up around the docks of a small fishing village as a 6th generation fisherman. He loves fishing and wants to be sure there is a flourishing fishery for more generations of small communities along the coast.

When did you discover you wanted to be a marine ecologist?


The lionfish is an invasive species that threatens the state's commercial fishing industry because they eat the foods that grouper and snapper eat, along with juvenile grouper and snapper. Lionfish have no known predators and have a rapid reproduction rate, which is why they are taking over the reef ecosystem.

Dr. Samuel Sears

Erica Starke-Knight introduces us to the 2013 O. Max Gardner Award recipient, Dr. Samuel Sears. The East Carolina University professor is a nationally-recognized expert in the psychological care and quality of life outcomes of implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) patients. Original Broadcast Date: 04/15/2013.