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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, practice, practice. Why practice guitar?

I started taking music lessons when I was eight-years-old. Throughout elementary school, middle school and into high school marching band, I played several instruments, including the accordion (yes, accordion!), drums, bells and vibraphone.

Super Fruit

Meet the super fruit!

You may find this hard to believe, but strawberries were first grown and harvested in ancient Rome. Today, there are about 600 varieties of strawberries, customized for growing in various parts of the world. Strawberries are some of the most popular fruits, not just because they are delicious, but also because they are among the top fruits in terms of simply being good for you.

Earth Day

I’m going to really date myself here.

I remember the first Earth Day. It was April 22, 1970. Let’s just say I was in Ladyfield Elementary School and our teacher, Sister Lucia, explained to us how Earth Day was a day that was being set aside to remind us to love the earth and help take care of it.

We all thought that loving the Earth seemed like the right thing to do, and it seemed pretty easy. Although I don’t think I, or any of my classmates, could really articulate what “taking care of the Earth” meant. Didn’t we do that already?

Predicting the Weather

I think my knee can predict the weather!

A few years ago, I tore my ACL. Not in some dramatic way, such as skiing down a slope in a whoosh of snow or leaping high over defenders to make a dramatic slam before crashing to the basketball court.

No, I was just hiking at the Delicate Arch in Utah and felt a pop as I was stepping down from a higher trail to a lower trail. Not dramatic, but every bit as painful. My orthopedic doctor tells me most of his patients tear their ACLs in pretty routine ways and not necessarily playing sports. That helped, a little.

The Virtual Battle of the Atlantic

You can’t find a more picturesque drive than Highway 12, the road that runs the length of the Outer Banks. Crowded during the summer tourist season, occasionally washed out by hurricanes and Nor’easters, the roadway tells the story of the region’s maritime heritage. From historic towns and lighthouses, to shipwrecks and the birthplace of aviation, Highway 12 has a rich history.

You can stop at highway markers along the way, but now technology has a new way to experience the drive.

I Miss Brontosaurus...

There are times some folks might think I grew up in the age of the dinosaurs, although a check of my driver's license and other official paperwork continues to prove I am not quite that old.

Nevertheless, I am here to say I miss Brontosaurus.

Actually, I called him Bronto. He was a green sauropod dinosaur with a long neck and tail. I played with him when I was little and will tell anyone who will listen that Bronto was very cool.

But then science came along. 

Antarctica Matters to North Carolina

Why does Antarctica matter to North Carolina?

When it comes to a story about scientific research in Antarctica, the question “WHY?” becomes really important. Why should we concern ourselves with what is happening in Antarctica?

After all, Antarctica is at the bottom of the world. It’s forgotten. It’s far, far away from most of the world’s population. It’s dark for almost half of the year. As far as we can tell, there aren’t many natural resources there. And let’s face it, it is really, really cold! So again, why worry about it?

Wick Away

Wick Away, Wick Away - How Does High Tech Wicking Fiber Work?

I’m a pretty nice guy, so I’ll just come right out and forgive you if you call me “old school” after reading the first few lines of this blog.

For most of my life, when I worked out, I grabbed a cotton t-shirt and shorts and hit the gym. Yes, it was sweaty and the shirt got heavy and even cold. But compared to the polyester t-shirts that seemed to hold the heat in, cotton clothing tends to breathe and lets the sweat evaporate. It wasn’t pretty but it worked. You can call me old school now!