Wed, 03/21/2018 - 12:37am

NC Science Now Reporter's blog

Tackling Pain

I was a reporter/photographer at a TV station in West Virginia almost 25 years ago. That means I not only reported the stories, I also shot all of the video for the piece.

One Sunday morning, as I was lifting a camera case into the news car, I felt a sharp twinge in my back. It hurt, a lot. However, I needed to get to the story so I kept going. I covered that story and a couple others. I came back to the station, wrote the newscast, anchored the show, and went home. I took some ibuprofen along the way, but I made it through.

Marsh Memories

As I stood in Middle Marsh, felt the warm breeze and watched the seabirds fly above me while the estuary waters swirled around my legs, I felt so at peace.

“This is so beautiful,” I said to Dr. Rodriguez, as he took measurements of the oyster reefs he studies.

“It is awesome,” Dr. Rodriguez agreed. “What’s really amazing, in addition to everything around us now, is how quickly the tide comes in. The water will be up to your waste in a couple hours.”

Prescription for Aging

Okay, the time has come to admit it: I am getting older.

I’ve seen the signs for a while. The date on my driver’s license is a sign. So is the arrival of an AARP card in the mail a few years ago.

But it was my recent visit to the doctor’s office for my annual physical that really clinched it.

My doctor prescribed a medication for me. When I asked how long I would be taking it, he replied with a smile, “Most likely, for the rest of your life. After all, you are getting older!”

At least he smiled when he said it.

Remembering the Undersea World

Everybody experiences what I like to call “Ah-Ha” moments; those events or experiences that change your thinking or perspective regarding the world around you. If we are lucky, and if our minds are open to them, we can all experience many such moments.

Sometimes those moments happen during real-life experiences, such as a vacation or a particularly fascinating class at school. I was fortunate to see, albeit from a long distance, an Apollo moon rocket launch when I was a child. That opened my mind up to outer space.

Bitter Exposure

It’s usually a pretty nasty discovery when you pour a cup of coffee from the office coffee pot after it has been sitting a bit too long. 

You know the feeling. You put the cup of hot coffee to your lips, ready to let the warm liquid do its magic to wake you up and get your moving. But instead, the coffee is so bitter you almost gag. On the plus side, you are awake! Just not the way you were planning to get there.

So what happened?

Blame it on too much exposure.