Ask An Astronaut - Missing Earth

Veteran space station astronaut Doug Wheelock says there are many things we take for granted on Earth. While in space, you start to miss its smells, sounds, blue skies and life there as you knew it. This is a part of the excitement and challenges of working on the International Space Station.

We asked NASA Astronaut, Cololnel Doug Wheelock what he misses most about his time in space. Here is what he told us.

Of course the coolest thing, probably, about space is that everything floats.

With everything floating it's a very euphoric feeling. You can be Superman and Spiderman and everything.

But the feeling of floating around and being with no gravity is a sensation that's very provacative when you first get there. It's a little unnerving to the senses because your body is trying to figure out which way is up, because every way is up and you can sleep on the ceiling, you can sleep on the wall.

It takes a little bit of time, usually 24 to 48 hours for the body to adapt to that type of environment.

When you first get to space, it's kind of like a fairytale that you always read since you were a little kid.

But I suppose floating in space is the most profound physiological feeling and euphoric feeling as well.