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Vanadium Dioxide breaks the scientific mold with game-changing properties

Vanadium Dioxide breaks the scientific mold with game-changing properties
April 5, 2017

Imagine a material that can harness excess heat from engines and use it to generate electricity. Imagine that same material could coat windows to trap heat in the winter but let it go in the summer. Imagine that same material working in computer chips, switching itself on and off in less than a ten-billionth of a second.

On the Edge: Life on North Carolina's Reefs

Most people associate reef systems with tropical islands and warm, shallow waters. 

However, those are coral reefs—reefs made of living creatures.

Believe it or not, there are two unique reef systems off the North Carolina coast. They are made of rock but they are still reefs, and while they aren't made of ocean life, they are covered with it. 

The first system is found primarily on the edge of the continental shelf, about 75 miles offshore. There are smaller systems rising periodically from the ocean floor about 40 miles off the coast as well. 

In Animals, Female Attractiveness is About More than Finding a Mate

In animals, female attractiveness is about more than finding a mate
March 29, 2017

Just like us, animals can be show-offs.

The giant plumage of a peacock and the green head of a mallard are evolutionarily designed to get the attention of peahens and female mallards, but flash and ornamentation are not strictly male attributes.