Sun, 08/30/2015 - 6:26pm


  • Cicada Secrets

    Researchers work to unlock the secrets of summer’s favorite insect — the cicada. Cicada wings kill microbes on contact, and the design could hold engineering secrets for nanotechnology scientists.

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  • Seeking Sea Power

    The winds along North Carolina’s Outer Banks are some of the strongest and most sustainable on the East Coast.

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  • Sensational Singing Mice

    Mice are known to squeak, but Duke researchers have discovered male mice can sing at very high frequencies. The male mice use those ultrasonic sounds to woo female mice, and the song can change depending on the context.

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  • Shark Tagging

    More than a dozen different types of sharks live off the North Carolina coast. Researchers with the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences have caught and studied them since 1972, creating one of the largest databases of coastal sharks in the nation.

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  • Tracing the Coastline

    Before you can know what coastline is lost to hurricanes and sea level rise, you need to know what land is there. Researchers have finished the most complete mapping of the NC coast including oceanside, bayside, and all of the estuaries. Now they can track what happens next.

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