Wed, 05/25/2016 - 1:05am


  • Blackbeard the Wave Glider

    To our ears, the sound of being underwater is all the same muffled tone. But to East Carolina University scientists, the noise carries all sorts of information about the ocean.

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  • Star Finders

    Pulsars are rotating neutron stars that appear to be blinking from where we see them on Earth, and astronomers have not found very many of them. Watch as High Point University students travel to an observatory in Chile to discover one of of these rare stars.

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  • Breaking Habits

    Whether it's biting your nails, chewing on a pen or watching too much TV, everyone has a habit and they are very hard to break. Watch as Duke scientists explore the lasting changes habits leave on the circuitry of our brains.

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  • It's the Pits

    Your armpits carry millions of tiny microbial passengers. Watch scientists study the ecosystem of the armpit and learn how deodorants can affect not only your social life, but also your microbial life.

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  • The Oak Stands Tall

    The eastern United States' mightiest tree, the oak, is in decline, possibly due to over-harvesting or climate change. Whatever the cause, scientists are trying to find ways to reverse this decline. Watch U.S.

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