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  • Drones

    What Can Drones Do?

    What Can Drones Do?Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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  • Small Creatures/Large Lessons

    Scientists conduct land surveys to discover what is living in an area and determine the health of the land and water. And it’s usually the smallest creatures that provide the most information.

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  • Saving A Lost Language

    By 2000 BC, Cherokee language and culture spread throughout the North Carolina mountains, and yet, it was almost lost to history. Now Western Carolina University researchers are working with the Eastern Band of Cherokee to study, preserve and grow the language once again.

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  • Grave School Lessons

    Forensic anthropologists study the process of human decomposition at Western Carolina University’s Forensic Osteological Research Station to understand and solve real-life situations, including murder and mishaps, to learn how a person died and what happened to their remains

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  • Leaping Lemurs

    Duke Lemur Center preserves and protects lemurs, unique primates that are the ancient relatives of monkeys, apes and humans. Lemurs evolved in isolation on Madagascar, but are threatened as the island's human population grows.

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