Sun, 10/04/2015 - 3:30pm


  • Healing Gardens

    Horticultural therapy is the use of plants and gardening to help treat a variety of mental illnesses, traumatic brain injuries and memory impairments.

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  • Daydreaming

    Daydreaming used to be considered a waste of time—until now. Psychologists at UNC Greensboro have found it’s good for you, because the body needs time to be off-task, rest and recharge.

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  • Up Close & Coastal

    Unveiling baby sharks, swimming with sharks, sea turtle rehab… Enjoy the wonders of the coast as the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island helps us get up close and coastal in this 30-minute special.

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  • Seeking Sea Power

    The winds along North Carolina’s Outer Banks are some of the strongest and most sustainable on the East Coast.

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  • Sensational Singing Mice

    Mice are known to squeak, but Duke researchers have discovered male mice can sing at very high frequencies. The male mice use those ultrasonic sounds to woo female mice, and the song can change depending on the context.

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