Mon, 07/28/2014 - 3:54pm


  • Oh Shuck!

    Raw oysters, delicious with hot sauce, can carry a bacteria that makes people very sick. Researchers are working to better understand Vibrio bacteria and create a warning system for oystermen, which would alert them to the best and worst times to harvest oysters.

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  • Reef Life

    Researchers discover natural oyster reefs grow fast enough to keep up with the projected rise in sea levels, suggesting oyster reefs could be used for storm protection and erosion control, all the while doing what oyster reefs naturally do, which is filter the water and prov

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  • The Liver Takes It All

    Drug-induced liver injuries result in more regulatory actions and delays in pharmaceutical developments than any other serious medical event. Scientists and pharma companies have created a virtual liver to better understand the effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

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  • Life on the Rocks

    North Carolina's rocky offshore reefs provide nurseries for juvenile fish, foraging grounds, hiding places, and spawning grounds.

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  • Brewing The Perfect Cup

    Pour some science into that cup of joe! Chemistry, physics, and botany, along with hot water and roasted coffee beans, all combine to make the perfect cup of coffee.

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